Viborg Game Jam

48-Hour Game Marathon

Viborg Game Expo and Game Hub Scandinavia presents: Viborg Game Jam! A 48 hour long game jamming challenge to create prototype games / experiences / prototypes / pitches, and connect with your peers around the passion of games.

Upcoming Jam

Viborg Game Jam 2023

3-5 March

Get ready to spill all your built-up creative juices, as Viborg Game Jam is FINALLY back in action!!!

Viborg Game Expo, The Animation Workshop and Arsenalet open their doors for 48(-ish) hours of intense game creation!

Join us and release your inner dev powers! Team up with friends, make new ones or be a lone rider for the first post-lockdown jam-time.

Are you a beginner, hobbyist, professional or simply game dev-curious? – Doesn’t matter! Viborg Game Jam is an all-inclusive buffet of fun/crazy/scary/beautiful/(-insert your own-) ideas, and we can’t wait to see what comes out on the other end!


Previous Jams

Viborg Game Jam (2022)
22-24 April 2022
Theme: Which is Witch?

Viborg Game Jam (Fall 2021)
5-7 November 2021
Theme: Surprisingly Useless

Viborg Game Jam (Winter 2020)
7-9 February 2019
Theme: How Did We Get Here?

Viborg Game Jam (2019)
13-15 September 2019
Theme: Green!